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Salt-Water Solution Heals Sore Throat

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Studying Molecular Biology made me think twice about taking medicines (mostly synthetic) so every time my throat sores or I catch the common colds (which is rather frequent due to my exposure to air pollution everyday) I resort to increasing my fluid intake (honestly, I hate drinking water which all the more makes me susceptible to these viruses and bacteria so I thank my husband and my friend Jay who remind me consistently) as well as my sleeping hours. These worked all the time but do not spare me with an instant recovery, until I heard about salt-water solution!

It is common knowledge that salt is a good food preservative (dried fish, fish or shrimp paste, salted egg, etc.) because it kills and prevents bacteria from thriving. It is also known to be a good anti-inflammatory agent. The inflammation is actually our body’s natural defense as it isolates the foreign bodies like bacteria from our system.

It would be good to use this solution as soon as we feel the symptoms, here’s how:

Salt-Water Solution

In a glass of warm or lukewarm water, add a teaspoon of salt. Mix until the crystals disappear and then gargle for 2-3 seconds. It is best to do this before bedtime or before you leave home for as long as you still feel the symptoms.

The secretions in our throat also cause the irritation which makes our throat more itchy and painful. Secretions are the mucous (another defense by our immune system) which drowns and kills the bacteria. Salt can also break this  secretion down which reduces itchiness. We may also research about how honey, ginger, lemon, sage and licorice can help heal sore throat. If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

God has provided us the all the remedies we need for our illnesses. I recommend that we spend time researching on other natural remedies. I will try to write as many natural remedies as I can. Leave a response if you have any suggestions.

Live Well!

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