Get Your New Year 2016 Off To A Great Start Part 3: New Year Ritual

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I remember on my first day of school, I usually do almost everything right. I even prepare for my uniform, shoes, socks and bags the night before. I flipped through the pages of my books and anticipate the first lesson. I also looked through the pages of my notebooks as if something had already been written. I woke up early on that day, I enjoyed my breakfast, head off, show off all my brand new stuff (then watch how my classmates’ eyes glistened like Christmas light) and actively participate in class.

Everything must be perfect because the first day sets the tone! This is exactly how it feels as we draw closer and closer to the New Year. We even prepare few days before to make sure that the first minute of the year is spent the best way possible!

Yes, what I would like to share with you is a new year ritual I have been doing for about 12 years now. Ever since I started doing this most of the things I dream about do come true so here we go:

  • I get a pen and paper and conduct a light ‘performance’ review of my life in the outgoing year (review Part 1: Life’s Purpose of this blog series, as I described how this is done in detail).
  • I set and list goals that are attainable within 12 months. For example, I want to own a house, my goal should be: to save up an X amount for the house by saving up X amount monthly (review Part 2: Investments of this blog series for other options).
  • I rank them according to the priorities I uphold in life (God, family, relatives, friends, etc.). I choose the first 3 respectively, then I will identify 2 specific actions I will do monthly or quarterly to attain these goals.
  • I will write these actions onto my journal by going to the specific dates of when I will do them, to remind myself. If I am feeling artistic then I may create an artwork out of it so I could mount it on the wall, in my room, to remind me each day about these actions.
  • I will buy 12 green candles. If I have time, I will embellish them (share with me pictures of these spruced up candles!). These candles represent the life I will live for the next 12 months of the year. I light these candles up about a minute before midnight (it is best to invite the whole family to join you) and as soon as the clock hits midnight, I close my eyes to give praise and thanks to God (or Allah for my Muslim friends) for the great year. I will also ask for guidance in achieving the three goals I want to attain this year. As soon as I am done, I’ll shout: “Happy New Year!!!”

I hope I was able to contribute insights for new year preparations, coming from the first part to this last bit. I pray that we and our family will be blessed by God with His abundance. Remember, life is a gift and it’s got a great purpose to live for.

WELCOME, 2016!!!

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Fran Saguindang Riego de Dios, MS has been in training and leadership development for 15 years now. She was awarded one of the Most Talented Training & Development Leaders in the Philippines 2019 during the 14th Employer Branding Awards by Employer Branding Institute. She also enjoys art and music. You may also visit her personal Leadership Blog Site at Leadership Project.

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