Follow Your Mission, Not Your Passion And Make It Your Career

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Is it true that your job does not define you? Our job occupies 60% of our waking hours, wouldn’t it be fun if what you do at work defines you too?

When we were young, our parents asked us of what we want to become someday, and most of us must have said that we want to be a doctor, nurse, soldier, teacher, scientist, chef, etc.; and when we were asked why, we said we want to help other people. We knew then that our work should align with our life’s mission! We knew that our career should be about connecting and giving value to other people or to the community. However, we were quick to grab the first available opportunity or whatever was easy or whichever gives extra money.

The ultimate secret of having a successful career

I think the gap is that we have not really paused to spend time to ponder about the meaning of our existence or know what our mission is. They say that the happiest days of our lives are (1) the day when we were born and (2) the day we realized why. It’s never too late to find it.

Find your mission

If you haven’t found your life’s mission yet then take yourself through these simple steps and see if you can find your mission:

Find the meaning of your name!

Do you know what your name means? You may have been named after a famous person and your parents wished for you to be like that person. You may have been named after their aspirations or beliefs like Faith or Joy or Love. This could be a sign or at least a good way to start to know what people around you aspire for or feel about you on the day you were born.

Who do you admire and why?

Maybe your father, your favorite teacher, a scientist or an artist? The reason why you admire them is because of the great things they do or the accomplishments they have. These are most likely the accomplishments we want for ourselves.

Know what you love to do and who do you do it for?

What is it that you love to do? Cooking, painting, writing, researching? If you love to do that one thing, you will not mind spending more than 10,000 hours just to do this one thing, and then you will eventually be great at it! If you make this your job which means getting paid to do it, it would be like coming to work just to have fun and makes you enjoy life even more.

Now, who do you do it for? What you do is futile if you do not do it for others or if it does not have any positive impact on this planet. Success in what we do can be measured by the number of lives we touched or changed for the better.

Like coming to work to have fun

Money can only go so far but the lives you moved can grow exponentially. That little thing you do, will have that ripple effect and will reach beyond bounds.

This right here is the real indicator of what career path you should take or how your life should be lived. The best career is a career that will allow you to give value to others. This value will make you relevant in your workplace or to your customers. It’s true, you follow your passion but if that passion doesn’t give value to other people, there’s no success in that path.

What your epitaph will be when you die?

Would it be something like: “The mother who raised successful people and who loved her husband unconditionally”? Think about it, how do you want to be remembered? Then maybe the best career is to quit your job and raise your kids to be better people. Now if you love to cook or bake for them, then maybe you can cook or bake a little more and sell! You extend the happiness from your family to your neighbors and friends just by tasting your pastries. You will inspire other moms to do just the same!

I believe God created life for a greater purpose. Each of us must do our own part in fulfilling this purpose. All we need to do is spend time to look within. What are we good at and how can that strength help other people? When you look for a job or an opportunity, aside from checking if you got the competencies required, you also need to first search for the meaning of that role and how it is serving other people or the society.

Your talent is a gift from Him, polished by your ancestors, and etched in your genes, it has a purpose so use it wisely. I hope this helps you find the career for yourself. It’s never late to start all over. If you are living your dream job now as you enjoy seeing how your output helps in the greater purpose, you are the happiest person on earth. Keep it up!

Tell me what you think your mission is and what you are doing about it. I would love to hear it! Godspeed and know that He is faithful.

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Fran Saguindang Riego de Dios, MS has been in training and leadership development for 15 years now. She was awarded one of the Most Talented Training & Development Leaders in the Philippines 2019 during the 14th Employer Branding Awards by Employer Branding Institute. She also enjoys art and music. You may also visit her personal Leadership Blog Site at Leadership Project.

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