Finding Center Amidst Crisis

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It is important that we find our center, by defining our core, so that we don’t lose our balance when these challenges get in the way. We can still move on and get on with our dreams.

Personally, I describe my core having four layers (because I gained so much weight, kidding). Each of these four sections has one specific question that guide me through back to my center when crisis arises.

Guide Questions

Who are the people we love & trust?

These are the people we trust and can run to during difficult times. We know that they can help us uplift our spirit and will be with us until the end.

What do we love to do?

These can be hobbies or anything that can help us ease our nerves, especially when conflict arises.

What are our beloved key lessons in life?

These can be quotes by successful people or simple phrases to remind us of a precious life lesson like surviving from our greatest challenge in the past.

Who are we?

To help us answer this humongous question, best that we start with reckoning our best qualities or what we do best. We can proceed with recalling the purpose of our life and then  pick up where we left off.

A well-defined center is like having a wider center of gravity thereby achieving a greater stability. We allow a great mass of positivism and relevance to occupy that point – our center of gravity. If we keep going back there, we will never lose our balance.

Yes, we must keep on moving to keep our balance, like riding a bicycle.  No matter how bad our day has been, suck it up, muster all the confidence to lift up our chin and move forward. If we stall, we lose instantly. We wasted precious time and robbed ourselves of the great opportunity. If we need to rest, then stop but don’t be long. Move on quickly while we still got the chance. Remember, life is short.

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Fran Saguindang Riego de Dios, MS has been in training and leadership development for 15 years now. She was awarded one of the Most Talented Training & Development Leaders in the Philippines 2019 during the 14th Employer Branding Awards by Employer Branding Institute. She also enjoys art and music. You may also visit her personal Leadership Blog Site at Leadership Project.

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