How do you deal with office gossips?

How do you Deal with Office Gossips

How do you deal with office gossips? You don’t, if you can. It isn’t that easy, especially when they are actually gossiping about you! If you are the sensitive type, then I’m sure that it feels like the-end-of-the-world to you. Well, it’s not! On the other hand, joining in the gossiping bout can be very tempting but be warned that it can be damaging.
I would like to share with you my thoughts around this but before we get there, let’s talk about preventive measures first! How do we avoid joining in the gossiping routine at work?

Plan Out Your Day

Your workplace is the place for work and should not be for slacking off or doing anything irrelevant. Make sure that you keep yourself busy. Manage your calendar as soon as you get to your desk. You should also plan what you will specifically do during break-time so you won’t allow any open window for gossipers to land on your coffee table.

Choose Your Constant Buddies At Work

Be with people who hate gossiping! Be with people who talk about the stuff you are interested in- stock market, politics, finances, investments, clothes, make-up, kids, family, parenting, activities, vacations, etc.

Don’t Gossip

If your office-mates talk about someone at work, try to redirect their attention to positivism. Say something great about that person, if this is impossible (how terrible) then just shut up please. Try to relieve yourself from the vulture meeting you are in. Courteously tell them that you still have some stuff to complete or that you still have reports on deadline.

Don’t Judge

It is human nature to jump to conclusion, so always catch yourself when you are tempted to judge someone. Remember, you have your shares of failures, embarrassments and misses so you are no better either. It’s  best to trust that there is some great reasons why the issue came about, just so you could clear it in your head. Remember, it is after all, none of your business.

Now, if gossiping is imminently looming right at you then these may help you in dealing with it.

Be Professional

Remind yourself that you are at work and that you should always be professional in words and in actions.

You Can Make Good Out Of It

Gossip could be a good information for whichever you can apply the information for. Just listen and sift these in your head- whether relevant or not. It is best to not react on it or weigh in.

Don’t Validate What You Heard

Don’t validate  by asking another office-mate about it, worse if you go straight to the person. Unless this issue affects you, don’t attempt to validate, as it will only add up to the chains. Flinch it off. The truth will flaunt itself, one day.

Discuss With Direct Superior

If they gossip about you and you know it is not true, then know that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. If this could affect work or perception then proactively talk to your boss and clear the air before he hears the wrong thing. If it is true though then you’d need to tell your boss the truth, accept the consequence and share your plans to correct it. Plan on how you will open up with your team, only if necessary.

Stay Close With Real and Open-Minded Friends

Stay closer with your friends who are more open-minded about the issue and who could uplift your spirit. Ask your friends to possibly not talk about the issue as much as possible.

Reset Your Goals

Get back to your goals, your dreams and remember that gossiping means time and energy wasted. These times could have been spent for so many things that could advance you closer to your dreams!

I hope these help. Nobody has immunity over this disease but you sure can avoid it by strengthening your core- what you are made of, what you believe in and the reason of your existence.


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